Lord of the Ring: Re-Imagined

The Return of the King

Greetings Conquest fans,

My name is Brandon Elder, and I am the project lead on Conquest Reimagined. We are very proud to release our very first news article.

The team and I want to greatly apologize for remaining silent for so long. We want to remind you guys that this is a non-commercial fan made project and no one is working full-time. This project will take time and updates will be slow for the next few months. This does not mean we are not working on it though, progress is being made and we are proud to share with you guys some new models and artwork some of the team members have finished so far!

Helms Deep is almost complete!

Gabe has been hard at work on Helm’s Deep and is wrapping it up. We’re aiming to stay as faithful to the movie’s version of Helm’s Deep as possible. This naturally requires a bit of time but it will be well worth the wait. We believe Helm’s Deep deserves a proper, dedicated video when it’s finished which we hope to do in the near future. Until then, here are some appetisers of the formidable fortress.


Justin has finished the fearsome Herugrim model. This sword will be wielded by the almighty King Théoden.

What is a Dwarf without his axe?

Viktor has finished Gimli’s axe and is on it’s way to Giml’s doorstep!

Re-texture work on Uruk-Hai weapons

We decided it was best to redo the textures on all the Uruk-Hai weapons to fit the movie aesthetics more.

Mordor Catapult

Alessandro has been hard at work and crushing any task he has been given without a problem! He was able to finish the Mordor catapult. All factions will have their own unique siege equipment.

Change to factions

The team and I have decided that it is best to not have Dol Amroth be its own faction due to it being a part of Gondor so it would not make much sense to split up factions like that. We’re not removing Dol Amroth entirely, rather it’ll become an unlockable skin for Gondorian warriors after achieving a certain rank.

Factions Planned for Conquest: Reimagined

Here is an updated list for the factions that are planned for Conquest: Reimagined

  • Arnor
  • Gondor
  • Rohan
  • Lothlorien
  • Lindon
  • Mordor
  • Easterlings
  • Haradrim
  • Isengard

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the support we have been getting recently and we take it to heart. You guys are truly inspiring us to make the best LOTR based game out there and we thank you for that! We hope you enjoyed our very first news article and there will be more to come soon! We hope you have a wonderful day,

Team White Council