Lord of the Ring: Re-Imagined

Brand new Game Engine

A new game engine allows us to use the latest technology, photorealistic graphics, improved mechanics, and so much more!

Introducing Shields

We’re adding a new type of unit to the game, the shielded warrior class! An exciting new class designed to withstand ranged and melee damage.

Remastered Models

All characters will receive new and improved models with more details and lore accurate features as well as a variety of unique skins.

Better Animations

We are using mocap to create our animations for almost everything.

Exciting Battles

We aim to expand upon the combat of the original Conquest game by implementing a whole new combat system. We’ll be adding new attacks, executions and of course gore.

Scenery Done Right

Unreal Engine 4 is great with scenery. Cut-scenes will be more in depth and tell a story along your journey.

Map Changes

With updated technology, we are able to scale up the maps making them much more expansive, immersive and interesting to battle in.

Improved AI

AI was one of the most let down things in the original Conquest. We are changing the way they act, look, and interact with the world. You will see multiple new variants of AI soldiers as some will be tougher then others.

VFX!!! Why Not?

We’re spending a lot of time and energy on creating spectacular VFX for this game hoping to deliver AAA quality. VFX play a major part in bringing this world together so we want to get it right!