Lord of the Ring: Re-Imagined

Basic Understanding of Conquest: Reimagined

What is Conquest: Reimagined?

Conquest: Reimagined is a non-commercial fan made game remastering and adding new features to the game “Lord of the Rings: Conquest" developed by Pandemic Studio and Published by EA in January of 2009. This game is still under development.

What are the Changes from the Original Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Here is a list of changes that will take action in our version of the game

  • Larger Maps
  • New Maps
  • New Playable Units
  • More Factions
  • New Hero Point System
  • Additional Heroes
  • A More Up to Data Combat System
  • An Execution System
  • Immense Battles
  • Brand New Game Modes
  • New AI Grunt System
  • Changes to Multiple Units

What new features are you guys adding?

Feature #1 - Factions

New Factions

There will be a total of 10 different factions

Good Side:
  • Arnor
  • Gondor
  • Rohan
  • Lothlorien
  • Lindon
  • Rivendell
Evil Side:
  • Mordor
  • Isengard
  • Easterlings
  • Haradrim

Feature #2 - Combat

New Combat

We plan to implement a new combat system similar to the original game but also “revising” it to a more up-to-date combat system, as well as adding a cinematic execution system.

Feature #3 - Mage Re-Work

Mage’s are going to be nerfed and work in a very different way in our version of this game. Depending on the faction, mage’s have a variety of new abilities. Here is a screenshot of the different mage abilities:

Types of magic/offensive effects/traits Fear, physical strength, frenzy Order, defensive or offensive, Light magic Speed, hit & run, nature magic Fear, fenzy, cunning overwhelming numbers
Class Engineer-like Mage Druid Sorcerer/necromancer
Primary attack (replace lightning) Hurl concoctions/bombs dealing area of effect explosion damage (contained fire, lightning, etc) prolly gunpowder charges? Shoots jets of light which bounce between targets if charged Casts magical projectiles which sunder physical armour, making enemies more susceptible to physical attacks Fires bolts of necrotic energy causing damage over time
Secondary attack (replace fireball)
  • Flash bomb which deals damage and slows/blinds enemies
  • Molotov dealing fire damage in an area (similar to the fireball)
  • Strike down with weapon creating craters in fron of caster, perhaps spews up flames or hot steam
  • Cast divine light in an area which burns enemies and slows down evil creatures
  • Summon ancestral ghosts around caster of fallen Gondorian heroes to attack nearby enemies for short duration (like army of the dead but they stay close to the caster)
  • Summon vines or alter the terrain in an area to reduce speed of enemeis significantl, can also damage
  • Wind blast in a cone in front of caster damaging and pushing back enemies
  • Summon a number of grunts/weak creatures to screen out threats and escape
  • Summon unnatural darkness to consume a space on the ground, everyone inside suffers a debuff (speed/damage/takes more damage/etc)
Special (replae heal) Keep heal Keep heal Keep heal Keep heal
Special (replace arcane shield)

Arcane shield:

Instead of casting a shield ,raise a banner or some crude standard

50% physical resistance around caster

50% magic resistance around caster

Small attack and movement speed increase

Arcane shield:

100% physical resistance around caster

50% magic resistance around caster

Arcane shield:

50% physical resistance around caster

50% magic resistance around caster

Slow health regen

Arcane shield:

100% physical resistance around caster

50% magic resistance around caster

Feature #4 - Archer Re-Work

Archers will have a limited amount of arrows but can pick up arrows from dead bodies or from certain areas on the map. Due to their limited amount of arrows, they will have a sword as a backup weapon. This sword will not deal as much damage as a warrior. It will do 10% more damage than a Grunt would do to a unit.

We are also changing the way arrow physics work. Arrows will have a drop to them when shooting at longer range and they will not hit their target instantly after shooting, it will take time for the arrow to make a direct impact on their enemy.

Feature #5 - Scout Unit Changes

Instead of backstabbing their enemies, they will perform an execution that can only one hit certain enemies. Normal scouts cannot kill a hero with one backstab anymore. Normal scouts will be able to do fifty percent of the current heroes health with a successful sneak attack. Hero scouts will be able to kill a normal unit player at full health with one successful sneak attack. But has a five second cool down after every sneak attack to turn invisible again.

Feature #6 - Blood & Dismemberment (Gore)

Blood VFX and Dismemberment (Gore) System

Blood VFX & a dismemberment system are both planned to be added with an option to disable both blood and dismemberment.

Feature #7 - New Units

New Unit

A new unit will fight on the battlefield. This unit is called the Defender/Guardian. We say “Defender/Guardian” as it will be named “Defender” for all factions except Elvish Factions and it will be named “Guardian” for all Elvish factions. This unit will be wielding a sword and shield in combat. This unit can block arrows and magic from the front if blocking. While blocking, he is not able to move forward and his block can be countered by a warrior’s special heavy attack from all sides. All other units can only counter his blocks from behind or on his side.

Feature #8 - Map Changes

Map Changes

All the maps that were in the original conquest will be bigger in size, new areas and POI, and all maps will be well thought out. There will also be new maps; Here is a list of all the maps that will be included in our version

  • Battle of Dagorlad
  • Helm's Deep
  • Edoras
  • Isengard
  • Mines of Moria
  • Battle of Ithilien
  • Osgiliath
  • Minas Tirith
  • Pelennor Fields
  • Minas Morgul
  • Weathertop
  • Rivendell
  • The Shire
  • The Black Gate
  • Mount Doom

Feature #9 - Special Units

Special Units

Special Units will appear in the game. They will act as a heavier unit compared to the default units. They will vary depending on the faction you choose. Here is a list of the special units per faction

Good Side:
  • Arnor - Arnor Noble (Defender Unit) & Steel Bowmen (Archer Unit)
  • Gondor - Fountain Guard (Warrior Unit) & Citadel Guard (Defender Unit)
  • Rohan - Royal Guard (Defender Unit) & Knight of the Mark (Warrior Unit)
  • Lothlorien - Marchwarden (Archer Unit) & Mallorn Defenders (Warrior Unit)
  • Lindon - Ulmo's Faithful (Warrior Unit) & Ulmo's Faithful (Mage Unit)
  • Rivendell - Smith of Eregion (Warrior Unit) & Imladris Noble (Warrior Unit)
Evil Side:
  • Mordor - Black Numenorean (Warrior Unit) & Dark Serpent (Defender Unit)
  • Isengard - Berserker (Warrior Unit) & Uruk-Hai Captain (Defender Unit)
  • Easterlings - Rhunic Warlord (Warrior Unit) & Dragons Breath Sorcerer (Mage Unit)
  • Haradrim - Black Serpent Assassin (Scout Unit) & Serpent Guard (Defender Unit)

Feature #10 - New Heroes

Special Units

We will be featuring a lot more heroes in this game. Here is a list of the heroes that will be featured in our game

Good Side:
Warrior Guardian Scout Mage Archer
Aragorn Boromir Frodo Gandalf Legolas
Elrond Prince Imarahil Galadriel Faramir
Gimli Eowyn Haldir
Isildur Eomer
Theoden Gil-Galad

Evil Side:
Warrior Guardian Scout Mage Archer
Sauron Ugluk Grima Sauruman Lurtz
Witch King Shagrat Squint Mouth of Sauron Brodda
Khamul Murgash
Nazgul Snaga
Gothmog Gorbag
Sharku Grishnakh
Mumak Rider

Feature #11 - Point System

Point System

To obtain a hero you will need enough points to play as one. You obtain points by playing the objective and getting eliminations.

Feature #12 - Hero Tiers

Hero Tier Rankings

Heroes will now be set out in tiers ranking from Tier I to Tier IV. Here is how the tier ranking system will work.

Tier I Heroes - Will cost the least amount of points, deal the weakest in damage, fast in speed & combat, and will obtain the lowest amounts of health points. These heroes will be

Good Side:
  • Frodo
  • Sam
  • Merry
  • Pippin
  • Eowyn
Evil Side:
  • Grishnakh
  • Gorbag
  • Bruda
  • Snaga
  • Sharku

Tier II Heroes - Will cost the second most amount of points, deal heavier damage than a Tier I hero but will not do more than a Tier III Hero, slower in speed & combat but not as slow as a Tier III hero, and will obtain the second most health points. These heroes will be

Good Side:
  • Legolas
  • Gimli
  • Théoden
  • Gandalf
  • Prince Imrahil
  • Boromir
  • Isildur
  • Haldir
  • Arwen
  • Eomer
  • Gil-Galad
  • Galadriel
  • Faramir
Evil Side:
  • Khamûl The Easterling
  • Gothmog
  • Saruman
  • Mouth of Sauron
  • Ugluk
  • Nazgul
  • Guritz
  • Mumak Rider
  • Shagrat
  • Lurtz
  • Grima
  • Squint
  • Murgash

Tier III Heroes - Will cost the most amount of points, deal the heaviest amounts of damage, slowest in speed & combat, will obtain the most health points out of all tiers, and will have 4 weak AI bodyguards that will follow them anywhere they go. These heroes will be

Good Side:
  • Aragorn
  • Elrond
Evil Side:
  • Sauron
  • Witch King

Feature #13 - Grunts Changes

New Grunt System

We are taking a different approach on the AI Grunts in the game. We will be dividing up the grunts into different sections. There will be a “Weak Grunt” and a “Heavy Grunt”. Depending on the faction, they will be named differently. Here is an example for both grunt versions:

Weak Grunt - Faster but weaker, less geared up in armor, and will only wield a sword

Heavy Grunt - Slower but stronger, more geared up in armor, and some will be wielding swords and shields

Here is a list showing the different grunt names:

Good Side:
  • Arnor - Light Infantry (Weak Grunt) & Man at Arms (Heavy Grunt)
  • Lindon - Ehtyari (Weak Grunt) & Macari (Heavy Grunt)
  • Gondor - Light Infantry (Weak Grunt) & Man at Arms (Heavy Grunt)
  • Rohan - Militia (Weak Grunt) & Theign (Heavy Grunt)
  • Rivendell - Eithryn (Weak Grunt) & Megir (Heavy Grunt)
  • Lothlorien - Eithryn (Weak Grunt) & Megir (Heavy Grunt)
Evil Side:
  • Mordor - Rabble (Weak Grunt) & Light Infantry (Heavy Grunt)
  • Isengard - Light Infantry (Weak Grunt) & Heavy Infantry (Heavy Grunt)
  • Easterlings - Clansman (Weak Grunt) & Heavy Clansman (Heavy Grunt)
  • Haradrim - Tribesmen (Weak Grunt) & Savages (Heavy Grunt)

Feature #14 - More Cinematics


With Unreal Engine 5, it allows us to do more than we could ever imagine! We plan to have the campaign tell a better story than what it did in the original Lord of the Rings: Conquest with recreating cinematics from the movies and even creating scenarios not even told by JRR Tolkein or Peter Jackson themselves. We plan to do a lot with Unreal Engine 5 and we will try our best to push Unreal Engine 5 to its limit.

Feature #15 - New Modes

New Modes to Multiplayer

We plan on adding two new modes, the names and the description of the new modes are:

  • War of the Ring - War of the Ring will play out as a huge mode with 32 players and based on phases for the match.

    Example of the mode:

    Phases of the mode
    • Minas Tirith Phase 1 - Beginning of the attack on Osgiliath, if good side wins, you move onto the battle that was before osgiliath, and so on if good side loses, good side is pushed back to the beginning siege of

    • Minas Tirith Phase 2 - Second siege of minas tirith Good side wins, you push the orcs back to pelennor fields (You will see more AI appear on gondor side) evil side wins, you push the good side back to the second level

    • Minas Tirith Phase 3 - Third siege of minas tirith Good side wins, push orcs back to the first level (Special units become available for using) Evil side wins, push gondor back to its third level

    • Minas Tirith Phase 4 - Fourth siege of minas tirith We skip to sixth level of minas tirith Good side wins, push orcs back to second level (Trebuchet’s are able to be used or called in) Evil side wins, push gondor back to sixth level Phase 5 - Fifth siege of minas tirith Good side wins, push orcs back down to third level (Almost every hero and unit is available) Evil side wins, push gondor back to their final level (Ontop of minas tirith) Phase 6 - Sixth Siege of Minas tirith Good side wins, push orcs back to third level (everything is 10% cheaper and used more frequently) Evil side wins, you win the match

    This is an example of Minas Tirith with this mode. Phases are different matches, This will be our longest gamemode.

  • Survival Mode - Survival mode is a never ending PVE mode that you can play with up to 8 players. Players will fight against hordes of AI, each round becoming more difficult and lasting longer. Players earn xp and points for each kill they get. They can spend money on getting score streaks and perks to help aid them to last longer.

    Scoresteaks for Survival

    • Catapult Strike (Call in a catapult strike in an area)
    • Lightning Strikes (Cast multiple lightning strikes in an area)
    • Volley of Arrows (Call in a volley of arrows in an area)
    • Call in Infantry (Sends in a group of Infantry)
    • Call in Heavy Infantry (Sends in a group of Heavy Infantry)
    • Call in Warriors (Sends in a group of Warriors)
    • Call in Scouts (Sends in a group of Scouts)
    • Call in Archers (Sends in a group of Archers)
    • Call in Mages (Sends in a group of Mages)
    • Call in Defenders/Guardians (Sends in a group of Defenders/Guardians)
    • Call in Special Units (Sends in a group of Special Units)
    • Call in Tier I Hero (Sends in a group of Tier I Hero of your Choice)
    • Call in Tier II Hero (Sends in a group of Tier II Hero of your Choice)
    • Call in Tier II Hero (Sends in a group of Tier III Hero of your Choice)

    Perks for Survival

    • King Hands (Do more damage and faster combat that will last until you go down)
    • Self-Revive (When down, you can get up without having another player revive you)
    • Thick Skin (Able to take more damage without going down)
    • Quick Feet (Run faster)
    • Never Giving Up (When the player is knocked down and revived, he does not lose any of his perks, but he does lose the "Still Alive" perk)

    Maps for Survival

    • Every map will have a survival mode, some being more difficult than others as well as having some different kill streaks or enemies.

This is just a basic understanding of our view for this game. Some features may be changed or removed. We will be going further into detail on this list in the next few development vlogs.


- Brandon Elder (Team Lead at Team White Council)